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Tha Artivist Salutes The Jazz Lieutenant @ Arlington Cemetery!!!

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The People Have Spoken!!!

May 14, 2008

Hello r2c2h2,

I really loved your book about James Reese Europe. The artwork was a tribute and very beautiful too. Your web site is exciting and your artful messages are profound.

My name is Ellen Europe-Gomez and my children are James Reese Europe IV and Robert Foster Europe.

Thank you for your interest in a true American hero. We are so proud of this brave and innovative man.

Bless you and I wish you continued success in your endeavors.


Ellen Europe-Gomez


This exemplary combination of biography, chronicle and illustrations of one of "our" great forgotten heroes is perhaps one of the most innovative publications in recent years.The art adds another dimension as it personalizes [R2C2H2's] intimate connection with "the jazz lieutenant" offering more than just a book, more than just a pictorial biography, but a magnus opus!!!~Dr. Emmett Price of Northeastern University, Renowned Ethnomusicologist


This book is illustrated magnificently by R2C2H2 in the folk art genre.This is a book of historical significance in both jazz, race relations

and heroism.~Jazz Critic John Gilbert


Through this book, R2C2H2 introduced me to James Reese Europe, a visionary and pioneer. Any primary school aged child could benefit from reading this book. It shows how a person can overcome obstacles to achieve his goals. Any lover of jazz would find this book enlightening and may prompt them to search for some new (old) music for their collection. Any admirer of R2C2H2’s work would be please to have a gallery of his drawings at their fingertips.~Tisha St. Clair, Sister Nineties Book Reviewer


Get Your Copy Today!

Support your favorite Artstorian in his first artastic literary effort to inform the people on the achievements and sacrifices of a forgotten jazz pioneer, civil rights leader and overall American Hero, Lt. James Reese Europe. Listed on the acclaimed Smithsonian Institute's Recommended Jazz Books for Young Kids and Adults List!!!

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