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Video: Dean James E. McLeod Tribute

‘The Brotherhood’ & ‘The Legacy’ 2 FOR 40$: Artworks Honoring Dean James E. McLeod & Dr. John B. Ervin

"The Brotherhood" & "The Legacy" 2 FOR 40$: Artworks Honoring Dean James E. McLeod & Dr. John B. Ervin

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The Dean & Tha Artivist

'The Legacy'

The Legacy' (2011) By r2c2h2 tha artivist (washington university in st. louis class of 2002)

On November 4, 2011, a framed print of 'The Legacy' was presented to Sis. Clara McLeod, the widow of Dean McLeod and one of the early supporters of the art career of Tha Artivist, at the closing reception of "Ronald Herd II: The Most Known UnKnown" art exhibition @ The Nu-Art Series Metropolitan Art Gallery.

'The Brotherhood'

 "The Brotherhood" (2012) by r2c2h2 tha artivist aka Ronald Cortez Herd II

Bro. Ron Herd II aka r2c2h2 tha artivist (Wash U, Class of 2002) presenting framed prints of "The Brotherhood" to the widows of Dean James McLeod (Sis. Clara McLeod, left) and Dr. John B. Ervin (Sis. Jane Ervin, right) @ The 25th John B. Ervin Scholars Banquet Celebration (The Marriott @ Union Station Banquet Hall, St. Louis, Mo, 9/15/2012).

2 for $40

"To whom much is given, much is required."~Dr. John B. Ervin

Greetings and Happy Holidays Family!!!

For a limited time I will be selling commemorative art prints honoring the beautiful legacies of Dr. John B. Ervin, Dean James E. McLeod and The John B. Ervin Scholars Program. I created these two works over a year span and now I would like for everyone associated with these legacies to own a copy of these works for themselves.

For a limited time I will be selling limited run prints of these artworks for 2 for 40$ (plus $6 shipping and handling). Normally one print would cost $25 (plus 6$ shipping & handling). The prints on these works are limited so order while supplies last. Part of proceeds from sale will benefit the John B. Ervin Scholars & Dean James McLeod Scholar Programs respectively. So do a good deed and get rewarded for it also!!! These also make great gifts for friends and family who are familiar with the beautiful legacies of these men and the generous work of their namesake programs.

For Just $40 plus $6 shipping and handling ($46 total) this commemorative piece of history can be yours. All 11" x 17" prints (10.5" x 14" in actual image size) are signed by the artist and are limited edition…

Or you can make out a check and/or money order to me and mail it to the following address:

Attn: Ronald Herd II Legacy/Brotherhood Art P.O. Box 752062 Memphis, TN 38175

*To learn more about the meaning of "The Brotherhood" go to the following link:

*To learn more about the meaning of "The Legacy" go to the following link:

***You can still buy single prints of both "The Legacy" and "The Brotherhood" for $25 each (plus $6 shipping and handling). You can use the following links below to access those options:

Ervinly yours,

Bro. Ron Herd II aka r2c2h2 tha artivist, Ervin Class of 2002

Phone: 901-299-4355 E-mail:

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