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Hip Hophecy: The Lion Of Crenshaw & 2Pac's Disciple
image print size: 11" x 14" (on 11" x 17" paper)(NOTE: Watermark Stamps Not Included On Art Print)
“I'm Not Saying I'm Gonna Rule The World Or I'm Gonna Change The World, But I Guarantee You That I Will Spark The Brain That Will Change The World. And That's Our Job, It's To Spark Somebody Else Watching Us." #2Pac #Makaveli
"This The Remedy, The Separation 2Pac Of My Generation, Blue Pill In The Fuckin' Matrix
Red Rose In The Gray Pavement Young Black Nigga Trapped And He Can't Change It" #NipseyHussle
  Words Create Worlds Mane...#SeeHowItWorks??? #SOMEWHERE!!!
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Hip Hophecy

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